Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TIOT - Nail Pattern Boldness

Hi there! For today's Try It On Tuesday I have a 2 in 1! I just got myself two lovely bottles of Nail Pattern Boldness, Glitter A-Peel and Hello, Sweetie! After seeing so many reviews of Glitter A-Peel I had to get my hands on it and of course I couldn't purchase that without getting a glitter polish to go with it. My choice was Hello, Sweetie!

This pretty little thing is a purple jelly with glitters galore. I'm starting to appreciate purples more and more these days. Under this bad boy was Glitter A-Peel and I have to say it was SO AWESOME! I actually had a few nails pop off while at work and doing random things. It was so nice though to not have to deal with nail polish remover and cotton balls and the smell! It's worth every damn penny...LOVE IT!

Have a wonderful evening everyone and tomorrow I'll be back with a brand new challenge! Can't wait!