Saturday, May 25, 2013

ABC Challenge - T is for Triangle

Good Morning! I'm finally getting around to posting my ABC Challenge for this week. Work has me crazy busy these days and I just don't have as much time as I used to for blogging...or even looking at blogs. Any who, lets get to the manicure!

This weeks letter is T, and I decided to go with Triangle! I used butter London Fiver for my base and drew on triangles with periwinkle and coral colored Sally Hansen nail art pens. I think the color combo turned out great, very fun nail art and easy to do.

I've got a 3-day weekend due to the Memorial Day holiday so I've got some time to relax and hang out. Anyone else have anything fun planned for this weekend? Don't forget to check out the other ladies manicures below! Have a safe and fun weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013

ABC Challenge - S is for Stripes

Happy Friday! I'm so excited its finally the weekend. All I have to do is get through a short day at work and then it's fun time! For the ABC Challenge this week, I decided to go with stripes for S.

I went with all Julep polish in Sasha, Daisy and Claire and then sealed it with KB Shimmer Clearly On Top. Pretty sweet huh?! When I layered the blue over the yellow I ended up getting a green color which I thought was pretty awesome, totally unexpected.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to check out the other S manicures below!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ABC Challenge - R is for Raquel!

Happy hump day! Let's get my missing Q post out of the way first. Q is for Quitter....I quit. I couldn't think of a dang thing to do for Q and I had no luck at all finding any Q polish at the store. Once I saw what every one did for the challenge I was super impressed, but I didn't want to take anyone's idea so I decided to skip it all together. I was super busy  last week with work anyways, so its alright.

Now for R! R is for Raquel!!! Let me give you the back story....growing up, Raquel was an extremely unique name and it still is. I was the kid that wanted key chains, pens, and tiny license plates that had my name on it. But because Raquel is not a popular name, I could never find it. When I would find one, I'd beg my parents to buy it because it was so rare. Well fast forward to about 2 years ago, I was dinking around on the internet and thought, I wonder if there is a polish out there named Raquel. Typed into Google, "Raquel Nail Polish" and BAM! There it was....BB Couture - Raquel, part of their Classic Hollywood Divas Collection. My jaw dropped and I had to have it, regardless of the color and brand. 

The polish is named after Raquel Welch, a popular American actress and sex-symbol in the 1960's, a woman who I am also named after lol. The color is actually pretty awesome. I can only describe it as a maroonish-brown color with silver glitters. The photo as usual doesn't do it justice, its got a old school vibe that just screams 1960's. I really do love it every time I wear it. I cant wait to see what every one else has for the challenge today!