Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ABC Challenge - R is for Raquel!

Happy hump day! Let's get my missing Q post out of the way first. Q is for Quitter....I quit. I couldn't think of a dang thing to do for Q and I had no luck at all finding any Q polish at the store. Once I saw what every one did for the challenge I was super impressed, but I didn't want to take anyone's idea so I decided to skip it all together. I was super busy  last week with work anyways, so its alright.

Now for R! R is for Raquel!!! Let me give you the back story....growing up, Raquel was an extremely unique name and it still is. I was the kid that wanted key chains, pens, and tiny license plates that had my name on it. But because Raquel is not a popular name, I could never find it. When I would find one, I'd beg my parents to buy it because it was so rare. Well fast forward to about 2 years ago, I was dinking around on the internet and thought, I wonder if there is a polish out there named Raquel. Typed into Google, "Raquel Nail Polish" and BAM! There it was....BB Couture - Raquel, part of their Classic Hollywood Divas Collection. My jaw dropped and I had to have it, regardless of the color and brand. 

The polish is named after Raquel Welch, a popular American actress and sex-symbol in the 1960's, a woman who I am also named after lol. The color is actually pretty awesome. I can only describe it as a maroonish-brown color with silver glitters. The photo as usual doesn't do it justice, its got a old school vibe that just screams 1960's. I really do love it every time I wear it. I cant wait to see what every one else has for the challenge today!