Monday, April 29, 2013

ABC Challenge - P is for Passion Fruit

Hello! Quick post to catch up with the ABC Challenge, today I have Passion Fruit by Orly. After last weeks post trying out Orly, I went out and bought 3 beautiful bottles. I have to say, I am not a fan of pink nail polish but this one may be my favorite pink of all time. I'd call it a hot pink...but you honestly cant tell from the photos. It's perfect for the summer time though, can't wait to wear it more!


  1. Pretty Passion Fruit Pink!!! :)

    Doncha just adore ORLY? Their formula is fabulous. Pricy for a drug store brand, but amazing smooth application.

    Can you believe it's now time for Q? LOL. I just put up my P! Oy.

    Have a great Tuesday, darlin'!

    1. I know, I cant believe were over half way done with the challenge! I really do have a new found love for Orly though. Ive been scrambling to figure something out for Q....hopefully I can pull something off :)

  2. I can't wait to get this color, I didn't get the chance to pick it up while I was in town, so hopefully Thursday (Dr. App.) I can!

  3. Love this kind of super bright shades, they're perfect for sunny days. During the summer I often wear bright pinks on my toes too.

  4. It looks like it's almost neon, I love it!

  5. Love orly!! They had me when they released cosmic fx line back in 2011. Gorgeous hot pink!

  6. I really like Orly polishes - this is a hot pink. Good choice!