Thursday, November 8, 2012

Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly

I am a huge University of Oregon fan so I thought my first nail post could be Duck related. While at Sally’s, I picked up an awesome green foil shimmery polish by Color Club called Ho-Ho-Holly. This polish is part of their 2012 Winter Affair collection, there are 6 shades total and they’re all gorgeous. I decided to use Sephora’s OPI Its Real 18k Gold top coat to complete my Oregon look. I’m so loving these nails right now! They look killer in the sunlight too!


  1. Great colors on both pictures. Lindsey you beat me in being her first follower. haha- Yes Raquel, your old mom now can say she has blogged. lol

  2. No new pictures? How sad. I will check in tomorrow.

  3. Ahhh shoot, sorry Barbara! What an awesome mom Raquel has though, I need to get my momma on the bloggin' bandwagon!